Europe Vein Center - The story of Us

Europe Vein Center

The story of Us


In 1990 Dr. Augusto Sampaio founded in Brazil AngioClin - Vein Center has come to become a reference for diagnosis and treatment for varicose veins, being the precursor of several techniques in the state of Paraná, one of the most important in Brazil.

In 1992 the surgeries are now made mostly with local anesthesia and sedation, eliminating epidural or general anesthesia, thus reducing the risks of treatment.

In 2000 introduced the Eco-Color Doppler as an indispensable tool in the diagnosis of varicose veins.

In 2001 initiated the eco guided treatments.

In 2007 and 2008 after having trained in Brazil with Dr. Angelo Scuderi (Sorocaba), Dr. Julio Ferreira / Dr Antonio Reichelt (Porto Alegre) and the USA with Dr. Lowell Kabnik, internationally renowned professionals, clinical emerging as pioneer in procedures performed with the strictest protocols, obtaining results equal to the best international centers, and with this recognition.

In 2010 Dr Augusto Sampaio starts its activities in Portugal, creating Europe Vein Center is the first fully technological center for treatment of varicose veins.

Currently in Lisbon and Faro, the Europe Vein Center offers the latest technology, personalized treatment and humane care in a project undertaken now, bringing knowledge, technology and innovation.

  • About Us

    Europe Vein Center offers the best treatment options for your varicose veins in Portugal, with experienced medical team, advanced technology and accurate tests with high diagnostic reliability. Treatments like foam sclerotherapy, laser, microsurgery, superglue (VenaSeal®) and radiofrequency are carried out without hospitalization (walk-in / walk-out).

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