Europe Vein Center - Serviço Realidade Aumentada -Vein Viewer e Accuvein

Augmented Reality Viewer and -Vein AccuVein

This equipment "Augmented Reality" designed vessels under the skin that are not visible in real time. With it we can identify famous feeding vessels that cause the recurrence of stroke (telangiectasias) when not properly treated.
Proper treatment of feeding vessels prevents the emergence of new telangiectasias at the same location.
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    Europe Vein Center offers the best treatment options for your varicose veins in Portugal, with experienced medical team, advanced technology and accurate tests with high diagnostic reliability. Treatments like foam sclerotherapy, laser, microsurgery, superglue (VenaSeal®) and radiofrequency are carried out without hospitalization (walk-in / walk-out).

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