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Eco-Doppler Colorful

For a proper study of the circulation of a patient with varicose veins (without disregarding the medical examination which is important) it is essential to take Eco-Color Doppler (ECD) or Triplex-Scan.

This exam that looks like an ordinary ultrasound (but is not), associate:
  1. image (equal to common ultrasound)
  2. a graph representing the spectral doppler sound
  3. colors inside the vessel - color Doppler

COMPLICATED? Only the beginning ...

This survey shows the veins as an ultrasound but also gives the direction of the blood stream.

Why is it important to know the direction of the blood stream?
Because if there are problems in the internal valves of the veins leading to venous circulation following the wrong way (toward the bottom), there may be varicose veins.

The doctor who does the ECD therefore need to be familiar with circulation, anatomy and function and have good knowledge about varicose veins and its treatments.

The report of this examination should then indicate whether:
- The veins have found form, usual width and location;
- The main venous segments functioning properly;
- Superficial varicose veins or keep no relation to the internal defects.

Therefore, you should include in addition to photos of the main veins, a detailed design of the venous circulation (mapping).

The main conclusions that the surgeon should take based on examination are:
  1. Are there significant internal problems;
  2. what are the best techniques to treat these internal problems;
  3. if there is a correlation between internal problems and what we see in skin or symptoms.

For this reason, the ideal is that this examination is done by those who have knowledge of:
  1. hemodynamic (blood circulation study)
  2. surgical venous anatomy (which sick veins that need to be addressed and how)

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