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Laser and Augmented Reality


Have you heard of "Augmented Reality"?
It helps to solve this!

The Augmented Reality (AR) is a current technology.

Three-dimensional virtual objects created on a computer are designed in the real world through a technological device.

I use it in medicine?
While experimenting with infrared rays an American physicist, put his arm unintentionally by the beam of these rays and found that her veins were projected onto the skin.

Doctors started using the equipment to help in the removal of blood from the smaller veins, however, some time later found that this facilitated technology to treat varicose veins, veins showing that before not seen the naked eye.

How the test works:
infrared rays reach the skin
They pass through the skin and reaches the vein
a camera captures the image
your computer processes the image
projects a virtual image of the veins on the skin.
This all happens in a split second.

As we take advantage of technology?
 found hidden veins not visible to the naked eye and improve the diagnosis;
 We can guide our treatments (either injections or a laser trigger) directly reaching the vein pretente to treat and enhance treatment.

The combination of Augmented Reality to see better, and laser to treat uncut, with the assistance that a device that blows cold air on the skin favors a less painful treatment, faster and more efficient.

By using the latest technology, it is still more expensive than traditional surgery, however, with the proliferation of equipment, there is a great chance to become more accessible.
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    Europe Vein Center offers the best treatment options for your varicose veins in Portugal, with experienced medical team, advanced technology and accurate tests with high diagnostic reliability. Treatments like foam sclerotherapy, laser, microsurgery, superglue (VenaSeal®) and radiofrequency are carried out without hospitalization (walk-in / walk-out).

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