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Dense foam


The injection of a substance into the vessel so that it disappears is already used for a long time.

Technical Evolution
A few years ago the technique was perfected by Prof. Dr. Tessari transforming treatment in art and science really needs to create an "ideal mousse" with the drug used for drying vessel.

This mousse has the advantage of the fact to stay longer in contact with the inner walls of the vessel, providing a more intense and effective effect.
We use a mixture of O2 / CO2 medical which reduces the risk of air microbubbles.

Where to use:
some internal varicose veins
nurturing varicose ulcers caused by varicose veins
some non-protruding varicose veins
How to use:
Directly puncturing the vessel if superficial, or with the help of augmented reality and Eco-Color Doppler to more distant vessels in the skin.

Presents long-term results similar to the surgery is agreed, however, are inferior to the Laser of results. For this reason, we used this technique only when the laser can be used.

Lower cost compared with the laser.
Does not require rest.
You need to use an elastic stocking after treatment.
It may be repeated.
Low risk of thrombosis.
Moderate risk of skin blemishes if the vein is close to the skin.
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    Europe Vein Center offers the best treatment options for your varicose veins in Portugal, with experienced medical team, advanced technology and accurate tests with high diagnostic reliability. Treatments like foam sclerotherapy, laser, microsurgery, superglue (VenaSeal®) and radiofrequency are carried out without hospitalization (walk-in / walk-out).

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