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Laser Saphenous - Gold Standard

It treatment "gold standard" for varicose veins.

What is it?
EVLT is a relatively new technique in Portugal, with few doctors offer the procedure nationwide.

EVLT is recommended primarily for patients with saphenous insufficiency in.
He is quickly replacing vein stripping and ligation as the gold standard operation for varicose veins.
These veins when untreated lead to failure of treatment of the superficial veins and risk of complications of varicose veins.

The most common sites for EVLT are great saphenous vein ('ll groin to the ankle) and the small saphenous vein (from behind the knee atépara the outside of the ankle).
People who have large varicose veins, with more than 5mm wide there is a high probability of having failure of one of these saphenous veins, for this reason, we always do an Eco-Color Doppler (ECD) to do the right treatment.

How it works?
The EVLT closes the vein using laser energy directed through an optical microfiber inserted into the vein under ultrasound guidance through a mini-needle 2 mm and therefore no formation of postoperative scarring of the skin.

Since the veins are at source are closed the remaining varicose veins are removed by an outpatient microsurgery or foam sclerotherapy or other type of laser.

EVLT is not normally covered by insurance but there are many advantages of EVLT about surgery.

They include:
- Local anesthesia instead of the general
- Without scars
- Less pain in recovery
- Little or no downtime or lack of work (against 10-14 days of joint surgery)
- Short procedure time - 1-1 ½ hours
- Fewer complications (nerve damage, bruising thigh)
- Better results - 94-99% effective
- Made in our comfortable outpatient operating room without hospitalization
- Immediate resolution of venous symptoms
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